Turn your training schedule into a group effort with cardio classes, cycling classes, strength classes, and mind/body classes. We make it simple to find a fitness class that works with your workout schedule. Whether you’re looking for an overall fitness experience or specific types of classes, you’ll find the Eclipse Fitness class schedule provides a variety of way to have a positive, motivating environment to help you stay on track with your fitness routine!  AUGUST schedule is posted and will be effective Thursday 8/1!!!

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Mon 5:30p
Thurs 8:15a(30 min)
Tues 4:15p (30 min)
Fri 4:30p (45 min)
Sat 9:15a




Eclipse is the only club in the area featuring the WORLD-WIDE program by Les Mills called BODYPUMP! A rapid fat-burning class that uses barbells to give you the fastest way to tone and condition muscles. After an exhaustive study, BODYPUMP was verified by The University of Auckland as providing the fastest body fat loss of any fitness class. 

Watch the video below to get a feel for the AMAZING Les Mills community that makes us so proud here at our club. Fast forward to 3 minutes if you want to see the largest Pump class you've ever seen in action!



Mon 5:30a
Mon  5:30p
Tues 5:30a, 9:00a, 5:30p
Wed 9:00a, 5:30p
Thurs 5:30a, 5:15p
Fri 5:30a
Sat 9:15a
Sun 8:30a



A cardio workout on a stationary bike based on cycling principles. Classes are technique based and/or real terrain based and focus on cadence, heart-rate zones, climbs & sprints that can make an unpredictable ride that is fun and challenging. Each participant can exactly control his/her level of intensity to suit their ability and fitness level.

Evening / Saturday am - sign-up required. (Classes after 5pm)

Wed/Sat 9a and 8:15a will include exercises off the bike with weights!

NOTE: Sun 8:30a, Fri 9a Tues/Thurs 5:30/5:15p classes are 30 min.



Meta-bolic monday

Mon 4:30p


Full body workout that will change weekly.  Metabolic training is an incredible efficient way to workout, as it simultaneously builds strength, burns fat and enhances cardiovascular fitness. Interval work that can be modified to any level!  Interval workouts at varied times will be used. (NOW 45 mins)



Thurs 6:15p


A high intensity, low impact workout for a new kind of strong!  Takes yoga and pilates and speeds them up to give you a full throttle cardio and strength workout!


Tabata Cardio

Wed 4:30p


Minimal use of equipment needed to get your heart rate up in this 35 min class! Work sets of 2:1 work to rest ratio! Blocks of 4 minutes of work for 8 rounds! Exercises will vary weekly and modifications always provided!


Athletic Barre

Tues 4:30p


A non impact, total body workout that combines light weight with intense lower body work at the barre. Add in a cardio elements with core an you have a full body workout!


Cycle and Circuit

Tues 9:00a

30-35 min cycle followed by 15 min off the bike using body weight exercises or the use of dumb-bells.



Thur 5:15p


Kickboxing moves combines with great music and some dance will make for a fun and sweaty workout!


Cycle and Core

Mon 9:00a


30-35 minutes on the bike followed by 15 minutes of core exercises off the bike!


H.I.I.T circuit

Thurs 4:15pm


Total body workout circuit style. This class offers stations of cardio, strength, plyometric and core training. You will move quickly from one to the next so you are sure to be challenged!



Sun 9:15a



In this class, you will get a full body workout EVERY time. Best of all, every workout will be different. This class will mix calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. This is a high intensity class but can be modified to any level of fitness participant. Come prepared to burn calories, elevate your metabolism, do YOUR best, work hard, and sweat a lot!


Tabata Strength

Fri 9:35a


A low impact but high intensity class! This class will push you to become stronger using the tabata formula of 2:1 work to rest ratio. A total body workout using different equipment weekly!



Tues 4:50p
Sat 8:30a


Les Mills 30 min high intensity interval training!

Tues: GRIT Athletic combines plyometric and cardio based intervals to make you feel like an athlete!

Sat: GRIT Strength is designed to improve strength and build lean muscle. This workout utilizes a plate and the barbell.


Step It Up

Tues 5:30p



Need a spark or jolt to your workout? Step is your answer! This 50 min class combines traditional step aerobics with hi/lo aerobic and plyometric exercises. This, along with a blend of classic and contemporary music, is sure to provide a recipe for a fun sweat session!


Cycle Theme Ride(20 min)

Tues 4:00p

Every week be motivated by a quick pick me up on the bike to a different style of music! 80’s, Rock, Country , 90’s pop to name a few!!!



Muscle Max

Wed. 5:15p


Total body weight training workout! Focus on effective basics and will be sequenced in a manner that will be sure to deliver results! Low impact utilizing various strength training tools!



Wed 6:15p


A great addition to your workout routine. A combination of yoga and pilates that builds flexibility and strength to help you feel centered. NEW CLASS begins 7/17