Turn your training schedule into a group effort with cardio classes, cycling classes, strength classes, and mind/body classes. We make it simple to find a fitness class that works with your workout schedule. Whether you’re looking for an overall fitness experience or specific types of classes, you’ll find the Eclipse Fitness class schedule provides a variety of way to have a positive, motivating environment to help you stay on track with your fitness routine.  

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Mon 5:30p
Tues 6:30a, 

Mon/Wed 9:00a
Thurs 6:30a

Tues 6:30p(45 min Express)

Fri 5:00p
Sat 8:15a(45 min express)




Eclipse is the only club in the area featuring the WORLD-WIDE program by Les Mills called BODYPUMP! A rapid fat-burning class that uses barbells to give you the fastest way to tone and condition muscles. After an exhaustive study, BODYPUMP was verified by The University of Auckland as providing the fastest body fat loss of any fitness class. 

Watch the video below to get a feel for the AMAZING Les Mills community that makes us so proud here at our club. Fast forward to 3 minutes if you want to see the largest Pump class you've ever seen in action!


Barre Fusion


Thurs 4:30p


A non-impact, total mind body workout that combines light weight, intense lower body work at the barre with a core sequence.  The exercises are balanced by deep, active stretches that help to create long/lean muscle.



Mon 5:30a

Mon 4:30p 5:30p
Tues 5:30a 9:00a & 5:15p
Wed 6:00a, 5:30p
Thurs 9:00a

Fri 9:00a(Spin and sculpt

Thurs 6:15p
Sat 9:15a
Sun 10:15a



A cardio workout on a stationary bike based on cycling principles. Classes are technique based and/or real terrain based and focus on cadence, heart-rate zones, climbs & sprints that can make an unpredictable ride that is fun and challenging. Each participant can exactly control his/her level of intensity to suit their ability and fitness level.

Evening / Saturday and Sunday classes - sign-up required.

Tuesday 9am and Sunday classes includes bands.

Friday 9am will include time off of the bike!



Sun 4:00p


In this class you will learn an energetic and innovative approach to vinyasa yoga through a cycle of poses(asanas).  Class is for any level.


Metabolic Meltdown

Wed 4:30p




Full body workout that will change weekly.  Metabolic training is an incredible efficient way to workout, as it simultaneously builds strength, burns fat and enhances cardiovascular fitness. Interval work that can be modified to any level!  Interval workouts at varied times will be used.



Mon 6:45p


A high intensity, low impact workout for a new kind of strong!  Takes yoga and pilates and speeds them up to give you a full throttle cardio and strength workout!



Strength: Tues 10a, Wed, 5:30p, Fri 4:15p

Cardio: Thurs 5:30p

PLYO: Mon 4:15p


These Les Mills classes are 30 minutes of high intensity training.  

Strength is designed to improve strength and build lean muscle.  The workout uses plates and a barbell.

Cardio is a HIIT workout that improves cardiovascular fitness,  increases speed and maximize calorie burn.

PLYO is a HIIT plyometric based workout,  designed to make you perform like an athlete.



Tues 4:15p


A total body workout with exercises that transition from one muscle group to the next!  Continuous movement using your own body-weight, weights and resistance tubes will keep your body guessing each week!  Great total body strengthening workout for anyone!



Thurs 5:15p


Spintensity is a 30 min. intense class that will move quickly.  Every week will be a different experience so be prepared to sweat and work hard!




Thurs 4:15p


The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.  Add in 30 minutes of basic step moves to improve your cardiovascular fitness.  This class will be designed to do 30 min of TRX first then 30 min of step.


Strong by Zumba

Mon 4:15p


High intensity interval training class using more traditional fitness moves for a more athletic, conditioning-style workout.  You use your own body weight as resistance to achieve muscle definition.



Sat 940a


HIIT training is interval training with 20 seconds of work and 10 secs of rest!  This class is completed on 30 min!!! Get a good sweat in and go enjoy your Sat!



Sun 9a


In this class, you will get a full body workout EVERY time. Best of all, every workout will be different. This class will mix calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. This is a high intensity class but can be modified to any level of fitness participant. Come prepared to burn calories, elevate your metabolism, do YOUR best, work hard, and sweat a lot!



Mon 4:55p

Sat 905a


Another program from LesMills!!  CXWORX is an intensely challenging 30 minute core class workout that gets you results where they count the most!!  Add it before or after a workout or a great stand alone class!



Tues 4:15p


A spin class that takes you on and off the bike with elements of strength/cardio on the floor!



Step It Up

Tues 5:30p



Need a spark or jolt to your workout? Step is your answer! This 50 min class combines traditional step aerobics with hi/lo aerobic and plyometric exercises. This, along with a blend of classic and contemporary music, is sure to provide a recipe for a fun sweat session!



Wed 5:15p


In 15 minutes the focus will be all about your core/ab muscles.  Variations of exercises to make you feel the burn!



Wed 6:15p
Sun 10:10a


Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system!  Come dance away and get a great aerobic workout in!!  Now offered on Wed. with Leo!!!







Sat 10:15a


A class that combines aspects of yoga, pilates, barre fitness and classic strength training. Barreflow will help you achieve a balanced body and quiet mind in only 45 minutes.



Thurs 6:15p


A mix of kickboxing and simple dance grooves set to heart pounding dance music that will have you looking forward to your next workout!