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Shed and Shred for Life

Personalization is the key to a successful weight loss program.

Our weight loss program will be based on the most recent scientific evidence that targets the root of being overweight and has three primary elements:

1. A low energy & nutrient-dense eating plan
2. Exercise
3. Weekly meetings to give you the knowledge to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


We will be using medical grade equipment to assist you in personalizing your weight loss program. Focusing on your personal body composition (adequate muscle and a healthy body fat percentage) will ensure the weight you are losing is coming from fat loss rather than muscle or water.


Technology components:

InBody Testing

Medical Grade InBody’s Body Composition Testing will determine our client’s total weight broken down into meaningful percentages of fat, muscle, and water. Body Composition Testing gives you a starting point-where you are currently at and a baseline to measure your progress with your goal to reduce fat and gain muscle.

InBody will also be used to determine our clients Resting Metabolic Rate (calories burned at rest) which is essential to determine an accurate caloric output to balance against calorie intake so our clients have accurate calories in vs calories out in order to achieve the desired calorie deficit needed to lose weight.

We will highly recommend cardio and strength exercise to assist our clients in weight loss and weight maintenance.


MYZONE’s MZ-3 heart monitor chest strap is 99.4% accurate to an EKG and will assess intensity of workouts through heart zone training, a recognized way to get results from exercise. The combination of an accurate Resting Metabolic Rate and accurate heart rate zone training will give our clients very reliable calorie output.


We will be highly recommending a calorie tracking app to assist our clients in accurately tracking calorie intake. Using these technology tools above you can seamlessly track calories in versus calories out with accuracy.

We will recommend our clients wear InBody’s activity tracker or other tracker of their choice as these devices encourage engaging in behaviors that contribute to healthy weight loss and weight maintenance.


Our equipment allows us to devise a weight loss program using information from each client’s body and track their results individually measuring what should be measured:

  • Changes in body composition by losing fat.

  • Maintaining or gaining muscle.





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